RSS - Facebook Fan Page Promotion Service RSS - promote your facebook page to search engines. seo service for facebook pages. need Tue, 07 Jul 15 11:26:04 -0400 <![CDATA[GD Collection Facebook Page]]> GD collection is an upcoming Facebook store based in Melbourne Australia selling womens dresses and clothing. The clothing will be for women between the ages of 18-30! Please like page for some upcoming clothing! Thank you so much! :)]]> Fri, 08 May 15 08:16:28 -0400
Melbourne, Australia
<![CDATA[Only for Cat Lovers Facebook Page]]> Welcome To Our Cats Lovers Page ALSO....we need help to grow so Don't Forget To Share With Friends!HAVE FUN]]> Fri, 08 May 15 00:45:33 -0400
united state
<![CDATA[A1Woodworking of Salina Kansas Facebook Page]]> These products have been crafted by me apart from my custom order products. They are not "seconds" and carry a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects. They are crafted using the same high quality materials I use when crafting custom pens and are sold as is. These are WYSIWYG sales. Shipping is $5.00 per order, up to 10 pens. Please download my catalog for custom ordering information. ALL SALES PAYABLE VIA PAYPAL ONLY.]]> Tue, 28 Apr 15 16:01:11 -0400
Salina, Kansas
<![CDATA[Easy Cash Network Facebook Page]]> Welcome to the Easy Cash Network. Our mission is to post money making programs and support software that will help our friends make money on the Internet.[youtube=]]]> Fri, 17 Apr 15 08:28:01 -0400
HEARNE, TX 77859
<![CDATA[Welcome to Great Mongolia Resort At Terelj Area Facebook Page]]> Welcome to Great nomadic Mongolia. Great Mongolia tourist resort waiting our guests at middle at forest . We will show you Great Mongolia,riding horse ,just feel nature. And our facebook /welcome2greatmongolia[youtube=]]]> Fri, 03 Apr 15 11:42:33 -0400
<![CDATA[Mannish Facebook Page]]> A product with high value for weight loss is what dieters want, instead of tossing money at the wall. Simple & Easy because everyone wants to lose weight. Forskolin Fuel, Garcinia Cambogia ]]> Sun, 22 Mar 15 15:13:33 -0400
<![CDATA[The Official FB Page of Christina Elise Facebook Page]]> Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Psalmist and Evangelist Christina Elise[youtube=]]]> Sun, 15 Mar 15 00:02:47 -0400
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<![CDATA[Ronnie Radke - Falling in Reverse Facebook Page]]> This is a fan page for the band Falling in reverse. I will be doing covers of their songs, answering questions, posting good content, and making many videos for this fan page for information on the band, and their upcoming events in general :)]]> Fri, 27 Feb 15 02:26:44 -0500
11 prosser st. river hills brisbane
<![CDATA[the last tree Facebook Page]]> The last Tree is Central New Yorks premiere hard rock/progressive/acid/metal band featuring everything from dark eclectic and even dissonant sound along with the aggression you'd find at a metal show and everything in between!]]> Fri, 27 Feb 15 02:24:17 -0500
camden ny
<![CDATA[Video Marketing And Distribution Software Facebook Page]]> Upload your videos to multiple sites / accounts with the push of a button. Easy to use software to help you to do almost everything you want to do with your video marketing plus more than that. Unlimited accounts with all sites. Proxy support. Create Unique Versions of each and every Video using our unique process, the software can add a custom slide right at the end of the video and adjust any time of the slide, then recompile this video, so that each video length is exclusive. It can aslo spin the written text creating unique descriptions for every video posting. PLUS adds instant backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more... This is truly the best video marketing software.Click Here To See More[youtube=]]]> Thu, 12 Feb 15 16:52:26 -0500
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<![CDATA[WWR WORLD WRESTLING REVOLUTION Facebook Page]]> Page for wrestling fans , includes all the news from wwe wrestling shows and pay per views plus memes ! Wrestling page includes news , rumors and features SIMPLY REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD OF WRESTLING - WRESTLING AWARDS]]> Thu, 05 Feb 15 05:14:42 -0500
Stamford, Ct. United States
<![CDATA[Aero's Quest Facebook Fan Page Facebook Page]]> The official Facebook Fan Page of Aero's Quest: the new indie game in development for PC/Windows, Mac/OS X and major consoles. Help Aero in his quest to rescue Ariella from the evil Andraus, like the page, stay tuned![youtube=]]]> Tue, 20 Jan 15 17:50:53 -0500
Curacao, willemstad
<![CDATA[Jewelry Maker and Entrepreneur Facebook Page]]> Jewelry maker and entrepreneur. ]]> Sat, 10 Jan 15 18:22:35 -0500
Los Angeles Ca 90066
<![CDATA[Hip-Hop Music From Jevigo Facebook Page]]> Young talented rapper from Cape Town, South Africa know as Jevigo. The 19 year old rapper is making name for himself in the music industry and has recentkly been on TV for an rap computition. In this page you can download free music, pictures and videos of the artist.[youtube=]]]> Mon, 05 Jan 15 02:32:15 -0500
Front street ,Cape Town, South Africa
<![CDATA[At Home Customer Service Professional Facebook Page]]> Partner with Virtual Career Solutions LLC and work from home servicing real Fortune 500 companies by phone and computer. Companies understands it is cost effective to outsource and is able to do so with high standards of customer service. Customer service jobs are coming back to the states through Virtual Career Solutions LLC partnering with Arise Virtual Solutions.Your earning potential working as a CSP (Customer Service Professional), is based on you. How well you do your job reflects what your pay is. There are other factors to consider as well, for instance which client you work for and what type of job it is. Most CSP's earn between $9.00/hr. and $15.00/hr.Job Description*18 years or older*Ability to interact professionally and courteously with customers*Self-starter with friendly and upbeat personality*Basic computer skills - Ability to work between two programs at once*Great customer service skills*Meet all equipment/internet connectivity and phone requirementsQualifications*High Speed DSL or Cable Modem Internet Service (Speed should be at least 6.0 MB/s download a and 786 KB/s upload) *A mid-range or higher PC/computer or laptop *Basic Residential Telephone Service *Corded headset with a noise-cancelling microphoneContact Info:******Virtual Career Solutions LLCSouth Florida| www.virtualcareersolutionsllc.comProud Partner of Arise Virtual Solutions [youtube=]]]> Sat, 13 Dec 14 12:27:57 -0500
<![CDATA[Lose 5lbs N 5days!!! Ask me How! Facebook Page]]> TLC is health & beauty wellness company motivating others to make a change to a healthier lifestyle. You have the power, we give you the support and tools to make it work. Did I mention all products are 100% organic! It also is a debt free company, you can lose weight, get healthy, and get paid all at the same time!!! ]]> Sat, 15 Nov 14 16:45:54 -0500
<![CDATA[RICHFIELD OPEN SPACE- RESPONSIBLE LAND USE Facebook Page]]> Richfield Open Space is a new grass roots organization dedicated to maintaining Richfield's Park System natural areas for the primary benefit of wildlife and individuals as well through a conservative approach that is fiscally responsible. ]]> Sat, 15 Nov 14 11:33:42 -0500
Richfield, MN 55423
<![CDATA[ The ebay and amazon alternative Facebook Page]]> is a a online retail and consumer marketplace Find the perfect gift for anyone on your list when you shop at Private-Mart. We feature an extensive stock of products.we also take request of items you want to see available for purchase .let us find what you are looking for,we are a amazon and ebay alternative.[youtube=]]]> Sat, 20 Sep 14 09:17:56 -0400
Baton Rouge La
<![CDATA[Sondra Carpenter - Avon Independent Sales Rep Facebook Page]]> Sondra Carpenter - Avon Independent Sales Representative. Visit My eStore To Shop Avon Online 24/7 And Have Your Order Delivered Direct To Your Door. Also Make Sure To Register And Be Added To My Mailing List To Receive Updates On Avon Deals And Promotions.[youtube=]]]> Thu, 04 Sep 14 20:50:30 -0400
Philadelphia, PA
<![CDATA[WAKE UP NOW HOME BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Facebook Page]]> I am a boss trying to better myself and I have the tools to allow for others to do the same by saving, managing, and making money! We all need to do all 3 of those; let's face it, it's the reality. So if I was to tell you, you can save money and make money, would you be interested in learning more? My mission is to help people transition from the employee mindset to a BOSS mindset! You have to be willing to work hard for what you want you will see the results. What are you willing to do to be successful? Because those 9-5 jobs can't produce real success and wealth so what alternatives are you open to get into to bring extra income into your home? Requirements:*OPEN MINDED! - trust me no one wants a "job" (Just.Over.Broke) so what alternatives are you open to seek when becoming financially educated and financially free?*HARD WORKER! - like I asked before, what are you willing to do to be successful? Get up and change your current situation, don't just sit back. TAKE ACTION*Have Instagram or Facebook*Free Training *ONGOING SUPPORT- I pride myself on surrounding myself with like minded individuals who push each other to do better*MAKE YOUR OWN HOURS*INCOME: $600-$25,000+ RESIDUAL INCOME (Monthly income that comes in EVERY MONTH, OVER & OVER & OVER after doing one task)-TOP EARNERS MAKE ANYWHERE FROM $14,000/MO - $55,000/MO (Effort Based Business)If you feel that you fit any of these requirements and are about making additional income to LIVE and not just SURVIVE.. please feel free to contact me with a number for me to contact you and we'll get you started right away! In any business you have to start it up from the ground up so are you willing to invest in yourself?]]> Sat, 02 Aug 14 23:19:17 -0400
<![CDATA[Various electronics online from trusted retailer Facebook Page]]> Online electronics shopping: Best electronics products of most popular brands (Apple, samsung, Sony etc.) from trusted e-commerce retailer.]]> Wed, 30 Jul 14 07:06:07 -0400
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<![CDATA[iGeekz Alaska iPhone Repair Service Juneau Facebook Page]]> Specializing in iPhone screen repairs. Currently serving Juneau, AlSpecializing in iPhone screen repairs. Currently serving Juneau, Alaska.Summer Sale! Don't miss out, only the highest quality parts installed!DescriptionABOUT USOne can already imagine how iGeekz came about. I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen. And let's face it, people now a days NEED their iPhone. I was still under contract and I didn't have insurance, so instead of opting to go to Apple and buying a refurbished phone ($200 at the least) or sending my phone to a repair shop, I decided to order the parts and attempt to fix the screen myself. After about two weeks later the parts came in the mail. As a perfectionist, I slowly and carefully dissected the iPhone, and before you knew it.. good as new! Over 50 phone repairs later, this young boy is ready to start a reputable business! With customer service as the number one priority!Summer Discount - Sale! Don't miss out, only the best and high quality parts from a reputable distributor. Buy Juneau and support a local business owner.**Prices listed below are for a limited time! Call today to take advantage of my glass repair special!**iPhone 4 Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $89 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper 2 piece ones)iPhone 4S Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $89 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper glued ones)iPhone 5 Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $109 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper glued ones)iPhone 5S/ 5C Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $125 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper glued ones)*MAKE SURE TO LIKE THIS PAGE & MENTION THE ADVERTISED PRICE ON FACEBOOK.!aska.Summer Sale! Don't miss out, only the highest quality parts installed!DescriptionABOUT USOne can already imagine how iGeekz came about. I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen. And let's face it, people now a days NEED their iPhone. I was still under contract and I didn't have insurance, so instead of opting to go to Apple and buying a refurbished phone ($200 at the least) or sending my phone to a repair shop, I decided to order the parts and attempt to fix the screen myself. After about two weeks later the parts came in the mail. As a perfectionist, I slowly and carefully dissected the iPhone, and before you knew it.. good as new! Over 50 phone repairs later, this young boy is ready to start a reputable business! With customer service as the number one priority!Summer Discount - Sale! Don't miss out, only the best and high quality parts from a reputable distributor. Buy Juneau and support a local business owner.**Prices listed below are for a limited time! Call today to take advantage of my glass repair special!**iPhone 4 Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $89 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper 2 piece ones)iPhone 4S Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $89 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper glued ones)iPhone 5 Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $109 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper glued ones)iPhone 5S/ 5C Digitizer Glass Screen and LCD for: $125 (1 piece fused OEM, beware of cheaper glued ones)*MAKE SURE TO LIKE THIS PAGE & MENTION THE ADVERTISED PRICE ON FACEBOOK.!]]> Fri, 27 Jun 14 21:31:29 -0400
Juneau, Alaska
<![CDATA[Juan Oskar Facebook Page]]> Juan Oskar Mini BioJuan (Jay) Oskar Maynes was raised and lives in Glendale, Arizona, the oldest of ten children, and of a musical family. Mrs. “Mom Sigworth” Maynes, a trained concert pianist retired at the ripe old age of 20 years old to raise children. “In our family, if you didn’t play a musical instrument you sang. That also meant the harmonies...a good part of our Dad’s salary went to buying musical instruments.” Has been a school band director, and has played many styles of music and venues. Whether it was performing with concert bands, big bands, combos, on a cruise ship or in the studio he has always felt right at home. Juan Oskar Maynes was inspired by “Mom” Maynes’ classical background and his father’s Hispanic heritage, the jazz of the 1950’s, 1960’s and the Rock/Pop sounds of the 1950’s to today.Discography:1979 45 rpm “A Kick in the Brass” 1981 45 rpm “Cowboy Strut” 1983 45 rpm “Christmas is For Grownups Too” *note: These records received extensive air-play on Arizona radio Stations. 1986 “Laser Lips Project” (unpublished) Featuring... Drummer: Hal Blaine & Trumpeter: John Eth 1989-1990 “Groovin’ High” Cassette Album w/Jazz vocal ensemble “Mayneswing” 1998 “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers” (Fifth Edition) Paul C. Krouse/Publisher 2001 CD “Baile Buffet” ( 2004 CD “Jazz Pizzazz and Latino” ( ( 2005 CD “Christmas is For Grownups Too” ( ( 2005 Received an official "Artist Endorsement" from the Yamaha Corporation of America. 2007 CD "Superhero" 2010 CD “Stairway to Heaven” 2014 CD 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You' Much of Juan Oskar’s music is Published by: Transition Music & heard on Cable TV shows: "Black Don't Crack", "Latin Lifestyles", "Renovate My Place", "Travel in Style", "Writer's Hot List", “Pets TV”, “Who Wants to Date a Comedian” “Young Icons”, “My Destination TV”, “Career Day”, “Every Woman”, & others. [youtube=]]]> Mon, 23 Jun 14 13:50:37 -0400
Phoenix Metropolitan Area, AZ
<![CDATA[political analyst in English and Arabic Facebook Page]]> American Muslim political commentator analyzing the Arab Spring and the Neoliberal assault on the Muslim world[youtube=]]]> Tue, 10 Jun 14 13:36:51 -0400
istanbul, turkey
<![CDATA[X-Men:Apocalypse Facebook Page]]> X-Men:Apocalypse 2016!!![youtube=]]]> Sun, 08 Jun 14 07:20:09 -0400
<![CDATA[Nostradumbass: The Last Prophet Facebook Page]]> This page is just for fun ]]> Thu, 05 Jun 14 18:06:03 -0400
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<![CDATA[Restore Aging Body & Skin With DIY Beauty Recipes Facebook Page]]> Countless people around the world struggle with skin and body issues of all kinds: acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, weak hair and nails, and – most importantly – frustration with commercial products filled with unnecessary, harsh chemicals. Not to mention the confusing territory of dealing with cellulite, anti-aging strategies, intimate care, and choosing non-toxic makeup, body care items, and even home care products. How can those things be tackled safely and effectively? How can we be sure the products we use are safe, and not causing us more problems? So many of us have been misled, puzzled and confused when it comes to caring for ourselves. I felt like I tried everything in search of a solution for acne, eczema, easily-irritated skin, and oily, limp hair. I was stumped about how to take care of my body. At the end of my rope, I wondered if the trendy products and the expensive cure-alls were actually part of the problem. Out of frustration, I even decided that a healthy, vibrant body was impossible for me. I didn’t know where to turn or who to trust. Maybe that’s how you feel, too?I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be this way.Whoever you are, whatever condition your skin, hair, nails, teeth, or body-care confidence is in right now, you CAN take control.]]> Wed, 28 May 14 00:49:57 -0400
Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 3, Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
<![CDATA[Jim Vann's Encore Facebook Page]]> Jim Vann's Encore is a daily 5-minute internet radio show that features music and information of interest to the over 60 audience. Creator and host, Jim Vann is a veteran of over 40 years in broadcasting.]]> Wed, 14 May 14 09:25:46 -0400
Woodstock, Georgia
<![CDATA[Massage London - Sacred hands massage UK Facebook Page]]> Massage London. I would like to present to you my hands and my healing energy to ease away your troubles, tensions and pains. Sometimes we find it hard to give ourselves a little lovin’. We neglect ourselves in a bid take care of others or just to reach our goals. Not all massages are created equal. Have you ever heard scientists say that your brain is constantly sending and receiving information? You may even have heard that you are surrounded by an electromagnetic field. This is the reason all masseuse are different. Because every individual has different energy signatures therefore when choosing a masseuse one should think about how that particular individual will enhance your energy. Have you ever noticed how when you are around certain people you feel drained? Others make you feel happy, others make you feel anger. It is because you are subconsciously picking up their energy. Feeling them out. You might meet someone and it feels like you have known them all your life.Chose a masseuse whose energy is compatible to yours.[youtube=]]]> Fri, 09 May 14 08:43:56 -0400
170 west end lane west hampstead nw6 1sd
<![CDATA[Phone Store Facebook Page]]> Authorized Dealer for T-Mobil, Simple Mobile, Go Smart, h2o, Ultra Mobile and MORE]]> Thu, 24 Apr 14 08:03:41 -0400
2992 1/2 nw 55th ave lauderhill fl .33313
<![CDATA[Creating Memories Event Planning and Design Facebook Page]]> Event and Wedding Planners serving the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina area. Full planning, partial planning and day of coordinating for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers and retirement parties.]]> Wed, 23 Apr 14 14:14:53 -0400
Raleigh, North Carolina
<![CDATA[goldleaf furniture Facebook Page]]> 24caratgoldleaf furniture REDUCED FROM $49,990 to $19,990 a crazy factory clearance www.24caratgoldleaf.comOrder on Ebay with the satisfaction of a safe secure Paypal transaction ...(273) sales to date. We spent time visiting the manufacturing facilities and were satisfied that these manufacturers were building furniture with the utmost quality and attention to detail, and designing furniture with a versatility that suited to the international market. The decision to import direct from the manufacturer ensures we are able to offer our customers the fairest prices and monitor the quality closely. The driving goal of GoldLeaf Australia Furniture is to help our customers find modular options on the international market, on trend with European designs and the assistance they need to purchase the product. Our long time motto has been ‘we strive to help our customers enjoy a better lifestyle’, we do this by taking overseas trips multiple times a year to find the latest and greatest designs and make it available to our clients. We are hyper aware of the challenges faced when shopping for furniture, and we have established a service focused team of staff to ensure our service is second to none. We are a company who thrives on building relationships, relationships with our customers. Please be advised that this is a made to order purchase thus deeming a 6 week manufacturing and shipping schedule. We see repeat business and referrals as our major measure of success, and value the relationships and friendships we have established over the years. We have a young, dynamic team who are highly passionate about our company. What are GoldLeaf Australia Furniture Designs?GoldLeaf Australia furniture designers create each piece using time honored craftsmanship. When you purchase crafted furniture you know that a skilled furniture maker followed every precise detail to the designers smallest request. Quality materials and workmanship are combined in harmony to create beautiful pieces of furniture that will last for many years, never losing its original elegance and class. Modern GoldLeaf Australia furniture styles have a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern sophistication that is treasured and respected by antique collectors and contemporary enthusiasts alike. Modern GoldLeaf Australia furniture styles are known for it over the top design work and is showcased in many commercial showrooms, grand hotels and even in residential villas in tourist destinations all around the world. GoldLeaf Australia furniture makers were influenced by the Neoclassicism and Empire styles of the 18th century. GoldLeaf Australia furniture, with its Timeless appeal and sophisticated look gives your home interiors a classy decor and make a compelling statement. GoldLeaf Australia furniture can actually be quite radically diverse in design. When people step into your home decorated with GoldLeaf Australia Furniture, they enter another world, another era, when furniture wasn’t just something to use but something to cherish. Modern GoldLeaf Australia furniture is a good choice for those who enjoy fine Gold leaf tables and sofas. Contemporary, Classic, and Modern GoldLeaf Australia furniture is perfect for those who want to fill large spaces in their homes with furniture that is impressive with intricate design. Enjoy your purchase and enjoy your furniture ]]> Sat, 19 Apr 14 17:21:27 -0400
sydney 2000
<![CDATA[FRIDAY SOCIAL CLUB Facebook Page]]> FRIDAY SOCIAL CLUB was started a short time ago with the idea that every person lives for their FRIDAYS.there's no doubt that what you do Monday - FRIDAY is great, amazing or BORING but we can assure you that when 3pm friday afternoon rolls around you take the deepest breath and say ahhhhhhhhh its FRIDAY. we want you to have that breath of FRIDAY every day. So we are and have been creating a range of HATS and CLOTHING that should give you that FRIDAYS feeling when you see it, put it on or even think about it. So join the FRIDAYS revolution. Check us out at FRIDAYS INSTA @fridaysocialclub or at our website: and get your FRIDAYS FILL. Looking forward to FRIDAY already FRIDAYS team]]> Sat, 12 Apr 14 06:59:24 -0400
Venice, CA
<![CDATA[Twig Pencils | Paper | No.53 Pencil | Bible Pencil Facebook Page]]> Twig Pencils™Natural • Organic • Sustainable Twig Pencils™ are made from hand gathered twigs & branches, bamboo, wine vines, and other sustainable resources.Our colored pencils make wonderful drawing & writing tools for children and adults. Natural Bamboo California Desert Chaparral Aromatic Eucalyptus Hawaiian Faya Japanese Red Maple ]]> Fri, 11 Apr 14 16:13:18 -0400
Palm Springs, CA
<![CDATA[Get paid for using Social Media Facebook Page]]> Stop looking for a second or third Job to pay those huge bills, there are only 24 hours in a day. You need to do something different if you want to experience different results. I have decided to use the power of digital marketing and I am being paid to socialize while making Money The New Fashioned way. You don't have to work harder but smarter.]]> Tue, 08 Apr 14 04:47:40 -0400
<![CDATA[Ancestral Expressions Of The Sacred Garden Culture Facebook Page]]> Spirit-conscious thought and reasoning to inspire higher peace actions within divine social-economic family-community order, beginning with vegan raw consumption so as to detox, purge and heal from the toxic nature of the Self-asserting will.[youtube=]]]> Sun, 06 Apr 14 13:27:13 -0400
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<![CDATA[Ancestral expressions of the Sacred Garden Culture Facebook Page]]> Spirit-conscious thought and reasoning to inspire the actions of higher peace within divine social economic family community order, beginning with the consumption of vegan raw and living foods so as to detox, purge and heal from the toxic nature of the Self-asserted will.[youtube=]]]> Sun, 06 Apr 14 13:02:10 -0400
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<![CDATA[Elite Perfumes Facebook Page Facebook Page]]> Elite Perfumes is a USA e-commerce store specializing in designer fragrances without the designer price. All items are 100% authentic name brand perfume, cologne, body lotions, shower gels in original retail packaging.]]> Mon, 24 Mar 14 21:05:13 -0400
Elma, Washington
<![CDATA[Skinny Fiber Care with Patty Facebook Page]]> FINALLY! AN ALL-AROUND SOLUTION... Eat less andfeel full. Melt away stubborn fat. Flush away ugly toxins: ALL WHILE YOU...Work from home, creating a residual income that pays you every month! Order here: IS YOUR CHANCE! With the most GENEROUScompensation program in the home base business industry design to put even more money in your pocket AND offer the most duplicatable system ever seen, thousands of people are making this their BIGGEST income stream yet![youtube=]]]> Sun, 23 Mar 14 14:58:39 -0400
Houston, Texas
<![CDATA[Patrick's Pest Control Facebook Page]]> Patrick's Pest Control provides excellent residential and commercial pest control services.Specializing in Bedbug extermination.Licensed Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operator.Affordable and honest.Locally owned and operated out of Akron,Ohio.Serving the greater Central and Northeast Ohio area.From Cleveland to Canton.What Bugs You?]]> Thu, 20 Mar 14 22:11:34 -0400
<![CDATA[Internet Marketing Training for Newbies Facebook Page]]> Internet marketing for newbies offers a starting way to build a website, domain name, hosting with a home based business opportunity.[youtube=]]]> Wed, 19 Mar 14 21:06:07 -0400
Lewiston, NY 14092
<![CDATA[Traffic Generation Secret Revealed Facebook Page]]> If you are an internet marketer or a business owner , then you know that targeted traffic is the blood of your business.So in this post , you will are going to learn the secret to getting constant traffic to your website to enable you to generate targeted leads , then will eventually become your customers.The secret to targeted traffic is to determine who your target audience is. You must also understand the reverse law of traffic.On my fan page I have taken the time to explain, these traffic generation principles using different methods .When start on the internet , instead of jumping from programs to programs, spend the time to learn at least 2 traffic generation strategies, master it and and you will be very happy business man or woman.As you come to my page, you will learn the different types of traffic generation methods such as solo ad, video marketing , social marketing etc.Traffic will give your leads and leads will get you sales.[youtube=]]]> Tue, 18 Mar 14 16:53:59 -0400
8609 NE 33rd street, Vancouver, Wa 98662
<![CDATA[Smoochie Dates Facebook Page]]> Free Dating ... Once signed up you're free to search our members and start finding your perfect match We have lots of singles waiting to chat. ]]> Tue, 18 Mar 14 05:38:41 -0400
Manchester UK
<![CDATA[CITY Facebook Page]]> Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor]]> Fri, 14 Mar 14 16:39:09 -0400
Newark, New Jersey
<![CDATA[Fort Wayne Photographer Facebook Page]]> I am a freelance photographer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am scheduling sessions of all types at very affordable rates. I like to collaborate with clients to capture their true essence. Boudoir, family, senior, modeling portfolios and beauty sessions, couples, children, tattoo, drag and band along with any events and almost all occasions!]]> Wed, 12 Mar 14 05:42:35 -0400
North Camden Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana
<![CDATA[Social Media Manager Facebook Page]]> Make Money With Social Media Like facebook and Twitter.If You Know How It Works You Can Make a Lot Of Money As An Affiliate Marketer Ore A Socel Media Manager.Get The Knowledge And The Tools And STart Your Business.Like The Social Media Manager Facebook Fanpage To Learn and Discover.[youtube=]]]> Sat, 08 Mar 14 10:34:25 -0500
Maryland USA
<![CDATA[faqja me e mire shqiptare !! pelqejeni faqen Facebook Page]]> ♥ Mireseerdhet ne faqen tonë ♥ © Officiαl Fαn Pαge : Cudira Nga Bota]]> Sun, 02 Mar 14 19:27:18 -0500
rome, italy
<![CDATA[FunGiggle Facebook Page]]> Here is a lot of Fun , Exciting Comics and much more .... :) latest Video with full of Enjoyment .... :)]]> Sun, 02 Mar 14 18:29:50 -0500
United States
<![CDATA[Photo Restoration Repair and Retouching Facebook Page]]> I restore and repair old photos. I can repair wrinkles, cracks, tears, stains and other blemishes. I can retouch photos, removing tattoos, acne, wrinkles or other blemishes. Email your photo to for a free quote.Bring your old memories back to life. Satisfaction guaranteed.Visit my website[youtube=]]]> Sun, 02 Mar 14 18:08:19 -0500
Marlow, Ok
<![CDATA[Teens Only Facebook Page]]> Teens Only]]> Sun, 02 Mar 14 17:32:43 -0500
Youngstown, Ohio
<![CDATA[Join Create-Fate Enterprises For Inspiration Facebook Page]]> Please join us at Create-Fate Enterprises for inspiration and thought provoking self-development tips. Life Coaching offered with Renae Sauter. This is a community page filled with *positivity* *gratitude* and thought provoking memes designed to help support your journey to self love. Besides all this I offer Life Coaching Services. Please stay and share in the inspiration!]]> Sat, 22 Feb 14 05:57:59 -0500
Minneapolis Minnesota
<![CDATA[Airsoft Addicted Tactics and Talk Facebook Page]]> The Best Place For Everything Going On In Airsoft. A page by fans for fans. Covering Airsoft Tactics, Airsoft Equipment, Airsoft News, and events.]]> Fri, 21 Feb 14 21:50:53 -0500
Tacoma, Washington
<![CDATA[Discover Volos and Pelion in Greece Facebook Page]]> Welcome to Discover Volos, the useful travel guide for mobileapplications! Discover Volos is available both for iPhone and iPad, aswell as for Android smartphones and tablets.It's an offline and perfectly functional application that allows youto find easily and quickly whatever you want. Use it to discover Volosand Pelion, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Greece. Thecontent is accurate and detailed and it will be constantly updated.Using Discover Volos, you will find the best suggestions foraccommodation, food, entertainment, shopping, beauty, as well as allthe sights worth visiting, along with extra information for the mostdemanding visitor.Discover the activities and the events you must not miss by using the"What's hot" button. Turn on "Push Notifications" and you will beinformed of every event, offer or suggestion throughout the year.Our suggestion covers every need no matter if you stay in Volos fortwo hours or two weeks!Especially we thank all of our partners on "Taste Greece" for helpingus to discover Greece just by using the sense of taste.]]> Sun, 16 Feb 14 06:08:48 -0500
volos, greece
<![CDATA[jesus loves you Facebook Page]]> Jesus love for youhe is almighty god]]> Fri, 14 Feb 14 08:37:05 -0500
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San Diego, California
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<![CDATA[Miley Cyrus Fan Page Facebook Page]]> Miley Cyrus Fan Page is Dedicated to provide New Releases, Breaking News Updates, Music Videos, and Much More....Miley Ray Cyrus is an American actress and recording artist. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, she held minor roles in the television series Doc and the film Big Fish in her childhood. WikipediaBorn: November 23, 1992 (age 20), Nashville, Tennessee, United StatesParents: Tish Cyrus, Billy Ray CyrusAlbums: Bangerz, Can't Be Tamed, Breakout, MoreSiblings: Trace Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Christopher Cody, Brandi Glenn Cyrus, Braison CyrusSongsParty in the U.S.A.2009The Time of Our LivesWe Can't Stop2013BangerzWhen I Look at You2009The Time of Our LivesWho Owns My Heart2010Can't Be Tamed7 Things2008BreakoutNobody's Perfect2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusOrdinary Girl2010Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusBest of Both WorldsHoedown Throwdown2010Can't Be TamedI Learned From You2007Bridge to TerabithiaI Miss You2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusI Hope You Find ItStay2010Can't Be TamedFly on the Wall2008BreakoutSee You Again2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusLet's Do ThisRock Star2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusRockin' Around the Christmas TreeI'll Always Remember You2010Hannah Montana ForeverYou're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You GoI Got Nerve2008Best of Both Worlds ConcertTrue Friend2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusGirls Just Wanna Have Fun2008BreakoutReady, Set, Don't Go2007Home At LastLife's What You Make It2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusEvery Part of MeRight Here2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusI Thought I Lost You2008BoltLet's Dance2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusI Wanna Know YouMake Some Noise2007Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley CyrusMixed UpMovies and TV showsHannah Montana2006 – 2011Hannah Montana & Miley Cyr...2008LOL: Laughing Out Loud2012Hannah Montana: The Movie2009So Undercover2012People also search forLiam HemsworthSelena GomezDemi LovatoJustin Bieber[youtube=]]]> Tue, 12 Nov 13 23:48:20 -0500
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<![CDATA[Meditation Music Facebook Page]]> David W. Aucoin HTTP://WWW.DAVIDAUCOIN.COMDavid W. Aucoin - Song Writer / Meditation MusicHow the CD 'Heart of the Earth' was born.As a guitarist singer and composer for over 35 years I have enjoyed playing pop blues, rock, country. Most of my music including songs written for other people consists of lyrics that are suggested by the music itself."Heart of the Earth" is a departure for me. With this instrumental album and other "movie theme" cuts that I've been writing for years the music flowed into my guitar and opened my creative ideas for accompaniments by several other instruments some of them unusual and even exotic. On this album you will hear piano guitar, synthesizers, percussion, strings, ambient voicing, gongs, ambient fluting, whales, birds, brass, and more.I hope you find this CD pleasant interesting, relaxing and uplifting and will share it with your friends and loved ones.To me music has an awesome ability to build bridges and heal people. My future plans are to work with music to help heal people spiritually. "Heart of the Earth" was smooth flowing and most of all lots of fun and exciting to create. I look forward to composing a lot more instrumental music.While "Heart of the Earth" is not a classic meditation CD it will take you into a slower more relaxed state of mind. The slow movement of the chord progressions helps massage therapists create an environment ofpeace and relaxation. It starts out with minor chords to set the relaxed mood. Next it slowly moves into the matrix of the CD and ends with an uplifting song.My thanks goes to My Lord Jesus Christ for the gift he has allowed me to have.God Bless ! David W. AucoinMeditation Music[youtube=]]]> Fri, 19 Jul 13 16:28:53 -0400
Walker, Louisiana
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Grand Rapids, Michigan
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