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Juan Oskar Mini BioJuan (Jay) Oskar Maynes was raised and lives in Glendale, Arizona, the oldest of ten children, and of a musical family. Mrs. “Mom Sigworth” Maynes, a trained concert pianist r...

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Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor...

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Electronic industrial project. Auran Tripp blends tribal, industrial, EBM, EDM, electro, electronica, psytrance, techno, trance, goa, hardcore, hardstyle, and melodic. Very ambient and dark. Some time...

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Yuriy Kustin a.k.a Delusion3D Russian/American. Hip-Hop Artist / Singer / Song Writer / Dancer. I write my own lyrics. I am looking for a producer. [youtube=]...

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This is Dubstep Radio By DJ Scroller!...

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Psychtrance, light techno, dubstep and remixes. My name is Aaron Niessink and I write and dj music. I go by the name blushru. Sample my music and ask for free downloads. ...

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Official Emine SARI facebook page featuring Emine Sari news, music, videos, photos, songs, tour dates and more. [youtube=]...